5 Ways that Climate Change Threatens the Fight Against Poverty

Field worker, Mungtar Abiire, Nalerugu, Ghana.
Smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs in the developing world are among those most affected by climate change—yet they are often the least equipped to protect against it. Here are five key statistics that illustrate the greatest ways that climate change threatens their ability to thrive.

​​132 million
The number of people predicted to fall into poverty in the next 10 years if climate change is unchecked

How much global warming decreased the wealth per person in the world’s poorest countries from 1961 to 2010

of the world’s low-income people rely on agriculture for their income, but global agricultural productivity is predicted to drop by 17% by 2050 due to climate change

150 million+
How many more people could be at risk for malaria due from global warming of 2-3°C

1 billion
How many people could be displaced by environmental hazards—especially sea level rise and natural disasters—by 2050

While the statistics above are troubling, there is still hope. See all the ways that low-income people around the world are fighting back–and succeeding–as climate change threatens their livelihoods.

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