How To Say Hello In 30 languages

Did you know there are more than 6000 living languages today? With almost 200 countries in the world and thousands of languages spoken, saying “Hello” is a basic and important thing in each of them. If you’ve ever visited a foreign country where you don’t know the language, you can attest to how important learning […]

The Guide to Localization

Companies going international have to consider more things aside from making their businesses succeed in their chosen markets. With the level of competition higher and the number of competitors larger and more diverse, they have to do more to stand out, to be unique and considered a ”local” company. And that’s where our ultimate guide […]

5 Ways that Climate Change Threatens the Fight Against Poverty

Field worker, Mungtar Abiire, Nalerugu, Ghana.Smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs in the developing world are among those most affected by climate change—yet they are often the least equipped to protect against it. Here are five key statistics that illustrate the greatest ways that climate change threatens their ability to thrive. ​​132 millionThe number of people predicted […]